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The Amylograph-E provides you with a reliable, reproducible picture of enzyme activity (α-amylases) in flours and whole grains.

This enables you to make statements on flours’ suitability for baking and control the dosing of, for example, baking malt or enzyme preparations.



  • Easy to use

  • Quality control in accordance with international standards

  • Gentle heating from 30°C to 93°C

  • Comprehensive picture of enzyme activity

  • Control the dosing of enzymes

  • No enzyme damage before measuring


Why is this important?

-The baking properties of flour depend on the starch gelatinization
and on the enzyme activity (α-amylase) in the flour.

-Flour can be checked for application-specific characteristics


What are the benefits?

-Practice-oriented, international standard procedure

-High flour and end product quality

-No production losses due to usage of inappropriate material


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