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Bran Duster

The material to be separated is fed into the filler funnel, where the feed screw guide feeds it tangentially to the four rotating meshes. Due to the material to be separated repeatedly colliding with the rotating meshes, the flour particles adhering to the bran are loosened and sieved through the sieve cylinder, while bran particles continue to pass through the sieve cylinder without being ground.

The sieved product is collected in the collection container underneath the sieve cylinder, and the rotating meshes convey the residue to the bran collection vessel.



  • Increase yield

  • Increase ash content

  • Ash content can be set precisely

  • Excellent separation performance

  • Mesh size 200 µm (others available upon request)

  • Equipment is designed to be maintenance-free

In which industries the solution can be employed?

  • Milling industry

  • Baked goods industry

  • Cereal growers

  • Cereal merchants

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