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Nicolet™ iN™  5 FTIR Microscope

iN™ 5 FTIR Microscope - See it. Scan it. Solve it


Quickly identify unknown materials and contaminants that may affect product quality. The Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iN™5 FTIR microscope provides rapid identification with point-and-shoot simplicity. The no-nonsense workflow requires only a few short steps; there’s no need to learn complex software. You can get answers in minutes — without the need for spectroscopy expertise. Simply see it, scan it, and solve it. Built for the demands of the busy QA/QC lab, the Nicolet iN5 microscope will provide reliable operation for years, across multiple users and product analysis needs.





  • Easy - Walk up and usem as simple to use a stereoscope

  • Fast - Point and Shoot Operation provides answers in minutes

  • Reliable - Sophiscatedly simple design ensures it is always ready and maintenance free




  • Food Safety- identify contaminants in food products, help to assure product quality and avoid production line downtime

  • Manufacturing - identify defetcs in platics, polymers, paints and other industrial uses; help meet quality standards and avoid product olds and recalls

  • Academia - inspire confidence for first time users, prepare students for technology they will encounter when they enter the work force.


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