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Covid 19 Essential SOLUTIONS

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Application Notes -No AN53310


Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific FTIR spectrometer and spectral correlation software can quickly provide quality control in the production of hand sanitizer products 

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Application Notes -No A-133.1


How to do a densitometric assisted evaluation of test strips for the purpose of quality control (eg. Covid 19) 

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Importance of Rheology & Covid 19 

Learn how can Kinexus Rheometer help in development of a new treatment for COVID-19

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Identification of oleander (Nerium olean

Application Notes -No A-134.1 New Released! 


Identification of oleander (Nerium oleander L.) and detection of oleandrin, a toxic cardiac glycoside

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Determination of Elements 

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Technical Paper 

Determination of Mercury, Arsenic, Selenium & Antimony from Food, Feed and Beverage samples by using Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry

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PSA- Clinical Sample.PNG

Technical Paper

Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry for the determination of Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se), Antimony (Sb) and Bismuth in Clinical Samples

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PSA- Environmental.PNG

Technical Paper 

Determination of Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se) & Antimony (Sb) in Environmental samples

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PSA- Petrochemical.PNG

Technical Paper

Online determination of Mercury (Hg) in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Process Streams

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HPTLC Applications 

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BrochureNew Released! 

CAMAG® HPTLC PRO Module APPLICATION- Fully automated sample analysis and evaluation system for routine quality control

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Optical Surface Analyzer -

Tilting Stage Versus Retention Force Balance (rfb) module

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Application Notes - New Released! 

Optical Surface Analyzer LSA- Tilting Stage Method Versus Retention Force Balance (RFB) Module 

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Detection of Platicizers- Application No

Application Notes- New Released! 

How to Detect Harmful Substances in Sporting Goods and Toys by means of TGA-FT-IR analysis

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Application Notes - New Released! 

Do you know ROH3 takes effect since 21 July 2019? 

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November  2019

Straightforward identification of microplastic particles in bottled water 

Empower your research with instruments of discovery  

Material Analysis Applications  

Edition 2019 NETZSCH Customer Magazine  

Introducing CAMAG HPTLC PRO  

July 2019

Fast determination of benzoic acid in food  

HPTLC-UV fingerprints of Gelsemium elegans and koumine contents determined by densitometry compared to UPLC-MS/MS  

Rapid separation of explosives by HPTLC   

Screening of steroids as adulterants in food supplements   

Validated method for fast quantification of glycine in cosmestics  

March 2019

2019 Nexus Analytics Corporate Catalogue 

May 2018

  HPTLC quantification of cocoa ingredients and their changes during different chocolate manufacturing steps  


July 2018

 Specify your curiosity about Raman Spectroscopy 

July 2018

 Discover the right FTIR Spectrometer for your lab!

Discover the right Microspectroscopy for your lab!

6 Reasons to adopt Raman Spectroscopy

January 2017

Detection of UV Filters in cosmetic products (sunscreen) by HPTLC and confirmation by HPTL-MS 

Adulteration of St. Johns Wort Products: An HPTLC-MS Investigation  

HPTLC fingerprint of Edelweiss plants and extracts used as ingredients in cosmeceuticals  

Quantitative determination of steviol glycosides (Stevia sweetener)    


February 2017

Dextrin profiles of starch digested with different amylases   

Confirming the presence of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa by HPTLC-MS   

In-process control of ergoline psychedelics during chemical synthesis by HPTLC   

March 2017

Detection of sibutramine in slimming products by HPTLC and confirmation by HPTLC-MS  

Arsenic Speciation in FGD Wastewater Using LC-HG-AFS   

Inorganic Selenium Speciation in Mineral Water Samples using selective hydride generation AFS  

Quality control of pigment formulations  

April 2017

Extraction of Thyroid Hormones: T3, rT3 and T4 from serum Using EVOLUTE® Express AX Plates Prior to LC-MS  

Extraction of Vitamin B7 (Biotin) from serum Using EVOLUTE® Express ABN Prior to LC-MS/MS Analysis 

Food quality analysis via cost-effective FTIR microscopy  

May 2017

Quantification of wax ester content in escolar 

Detection of UV filters in cosmetic products (sunscreen) by HPTLC and confirmation by HPTLC- MS  

New ISOLUTE® FILTER+ Plates Prevents UPLC Clogging  

HPTLC fingerprint of Edelweiss plants and extracts used as ingredients in cosmeceutials 


June 2017

Quantification of Nicotine in liquids for electronic cigarettes  

Detection of steriods and SARMs  

Comparison of conventional TLC and HPTLC for identity testing of herbal medicinal extracts 

July 2017

   Particle Size Analysis of Cosmetics  

Distinguishing Between Different Types of Polyethylene by Means of Identity 

Quality control of Cosmetic products by HPTLC  

Graphene Protective Coating Capabilities Investigated By Raman Rapid Chemical Imaging 

Application of Raman Microscopy to Fluid Inclusions In Minerals  

Introduction to Raman Spectroscopy 

August 2017

August Newsletter   

October 2017

Reduce Solvent Use by 50%   

November 2017

Microplastic identification and characterization by Raman Imaging Spectroscopy   

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