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FlowCam ES Series

Imaging Particle Analysis System for On-Line Analysis of Particulates in Process Fluids


Using FlowCAM® technology, it is possible to engineer systems to measure particle size and shape in an "on-line" configuration. Our FlowCAM ES is a patent-pending, engineered system that is custom-designed for these on-line applications.


Capable of being installed and operated directly at the production facility, the FlowCAM ES provides real-time on-line analysis of any fluid-born particulates. The system can automatically dilute the fluid coming from a process line or vessel if necessary, and then return it to the supply or to waste after analysis. Powerful image recognition algorithms automatically identify different particulate types in the process stream, and report concentrations for each. These results can be used for trend analyses, as well as to monitor for, and report any impurities that might be present.


FlowCAM - ES is an engineered system with a specific implementation for any given process stream. Fluid Imaging Technologies' product and process experts work directly with the end customer to deliver a turnkey solution for each process stream and application.


Using the technologies developed for our successful laboratory-based imaging particle analyzers, Fluid Imaging Engineers can integrate a system to solve your particular on-line or at-line particle analysis needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.


FlowCAM ES Features

  • On-Line: Direct, real-time measurements

  • Automated particle characterization and enumeration

  • Direct connection to process line or vessel

  • Fully automated image and data capture

  • Flexible configuration options

  • Consulting to adapt to your specific environment

  • Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet Software

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