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FlowCam VS Series

FlowCAM VS Series - Benchtop Model


The FlowCAM VS benchtop model is ideally suited to a typical laboratory environment. The system can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your specific needs. The flexibility of the FlowCAM VS allows you to optimize the system for counting and sizing, superior image quality, and morphology characterization. The FlowCAM VS is available in four models, from the imaging-only VS-I to the top-of-the-line VS-IV with two channels of fluorescence measurement and scatter trigger capabilities. Each system is fully upgradeable to meet changing customer needs and technology improvements.


FlowCAM VS Features:

  • Flexible and customizable system meets user-specific requirements.

  • Four magnifications (2X, 4X, 10X, and 20X) and various flow cell sizes are available to accommodate a broad range of sample particle sizes (2 µm to 2 mm) - easy to alternate between multiple analytical ranges.

  • Sample volumes as low as .01ml accommodated

  • Captures particle images at up to 22 frames per second - allows for high sampling efficiency and fast analysis times.

  • New Auto Focus feature makes the FlowCAM VS even easier to use - provides consistent, reliable performance.

  • Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet® software for data capture and analysis

  • Fully self-contained (computer, monitor, etc. included)

  • Many options available including cross-polarized illumination, 488 or 532nm laser, variable emission filters, color camera and many different flow cell sizes

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