AQUATRAC Station (Plastic Moisture Analyzer)

The revolution in residual moisture analysis

Whether for measuring the residual moisture of thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers in incoming goods inspection, for monitoring and optimizing plastic pellet drying, for pellet analysis at the machine or final inspection: The Aquatrac Station is the water-selective, chemical-free residual moisture measuring device for production and laboratory with a resolution of 1 ppm/0.0001%. The simple operation allows every employee to perform measurements with the precision of a laboratory.


The Aquatrac Station uses a vacuum and high temperatures to withdraw the water from the sample very effectively and quickly. The vacuum not only creates a high concentration gradient between the sample and the gas, which ensures that the water contained in the sample fully evaporates from the material. It also ensures that the water from the sample cannot come off the device’s pipe walls – whose components include selected hydrophobic (i.e. water-repellent) materials whose water vapour desorption rates are well known and taken into account in the measurement analysis. At the same time, the vacuum increases analysis precision because the saturation vapour pressure and dew point temperature are exponentially linked.


AQUATRAC Station Key Features: 

  • User database – Comfortable control of access rights
  • Improved material database – Create and manage processing limits and recommended sample quantities
  • High-resolution touch display – Clearly arranged and comfortable to use
  • Managed network access – Cross-platform and secure access to measurement results, including PDF and CSV export
  • Wide range of accessories – Optional: 3-colour signal lights, label printer and precision scales


Why use AQUATRAC Station for moisture measurement in plastics?
  • No reagent, no chemicals – Measuring without additional costs or waste
  • Ease of use – No specialist personnel or training is necessary
  • Precise and reproducible measurement results – Accuracy of 0.01 mg H2O absolute
  • Unique analysis functions – Surface and core moisture measurement
  • User definable measurement criteria – End of measurement after defined time, after falling below a quantity of water per time or exceeding the processing limit


The AQUATRAC Station is e.g. suited to analyzing the following materials:

Thermoplasts, such as ABS, PBT, PA 6.6, PA 6, e.g. GF30, PA 12, PC, PET, TPE, PEI, LDPE, HDPE, PETP, PMMA, PP etc.
Duroplasts, such as epoxy resin, acrylates, silicon resin, vinyl resin etc.
Elastomers, such as styrene-butadien rubber (SBR), polychloroprene rubber (CR), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) etc.


The positioning of the AQUATRAC Station is also universal and flexible. It has many different uses throughout the company, which will immediately help you with error analysis. Here are just a few:

• Incoming goods checks
• Monitoring and optimization of granulate drying
• Granulate measurement on the machine
• Finished component measurement
• Laboratory measurements, and many more



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