Big Compounder B-TSE-S 30/40

Big Compounder B-TSE-S 30/40: Compact extruder for pilot plant and small-scale production

The Big Compounder B-TSE-S 30/40 is an electrically heated, co-rotating twin screw extruder (Ø 30 mm) with integrated drive and openable liner for process monitoring and easy cleaning. With a throughput of up to 100 kg per hour, it is suitable for use in the pilot plant as well as for small-scale production of various extrudates made of plastics, rubber, food and feed, and many other extrudable materials.

In the field of industrial applications, direct scalability from the laboratory to production plants is only possible to a limited extent. This is where the Big Compounder B-TSE-S 30/40 comes into play as a pilot plant and link between laboratory and large-scale production. This compact extruder enables upscaling to both lab-to-pilot and pilot-to-production levels.

Likewise, the B-TSE-S 30/40 is suitable for manufacturers of innovative products as well as for startups that have yet to establish them on the market and therefore keep their production volumes low. Thanks to the short changeover times, it is also possible to produce customized products in short runs. With its food-compliant design, the extruder enables suitable production quantities and safe products for sensory tasting or feeding trials.

Process advantages of the B-TSE-S 30/40 include the well-known “Clam Shell Design” of Brabender twin screw extruders. The horizontally and electrically hinged liner provides an optimum view of the entire process. For example, starch gelatinization can be ideally observed there. In addition, the user has easier access for cleaning, as the screws can also be removed without difficulty.

You gain a modern project workflow through the possibility of location-independent access by several users with different end devices. The web-based MetaBridge software also offers the option of online updates. Expand your analysis options by accessing measurement results via the integrated correlation software. Operation via touchscreen is convenient. Benefit from additional helpful features, such as an integrated note deposit function in the diagram and individually adjustable diagram parameters.

Key Features :

  • Compact: Smallest extruder in its category on the market
  • Powerful: Throughput up to 100 kg/h, 150 Nm per screw
  • Hygienic design: Stainless steel housing, food-grade components
  • User-friendly: Electrically hinged liner for optimum process monitoring and cleaning
  • Efficient: Short set-up and changeover times, low maintenance effort


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