The Farinogram shows the quality characteristics of the analyzed flour.

i. Water absorption:

The more water a flour can absorb at a definite consistency of a dough, the greater the dough yield per sack of flour.
The benefit: Higher flour price due to optimal water absorption; time-saving in production due to constant water absorption

ii. Dough development time:

Optimum mixing time for optimum doughs.
The benefit: Most efficient mixing time and settings; Assurance of stable product quality by identifying different particle sizes or starch damage

iii. Stability:

The longer the stability, the greater the fermentation tolerance and the higher the forces required for mixing.
The benefit: Determination of the most profitable application with information on the properties of the gluten contained in the dough

iv. Degree of softening:

The sooner the weakening, the shorter the fermentation and the less the abuse the flour can withstand.

vi. Farinograph Quality Number (FQN):

The higher the FQN, the stronger the flour

Why is this important?

• Estimation of the optimum water amount for flour to form a dough
• Prediction how a flour will react in different stages of production and baking
• Definition of flour specifications for a given


• Practice-oriented methods to characterize your flour
• Cost optimization for raw material supply and production
• Multi-access: Tracking of tests through multiple devices at a time

Suitable for the following applications:

Cereals,  Gluten-containing flour, Gluten-free flour, Wholemeal flour, Starch, Gluten, Pasta products, Dough

The Brabender 3-Phase-System provides a holistic and practical approach to the production of baked goods and pasta on a laboratory scale:

  • Phase 1 – Farinograph: provides information on the water absorption of the flour and the kneading properties of the dough
  • Phase 2 – Extensograph: determines the stretch properties of the dough and gives a prediction of the baking volume
  • Phase 3 – Amylograph: measures the gelatinization properties of the starch and the enzyme activity in the flour


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