FQA Film Quality Analyzer

The Brabender FQA film quality analysis system enables continuous optical quality control of blown and flat films in the laboratory or production environment.

It is specially suited for use in the development of new plastics and for quality assurance in the processing of films with recycled or biopolymer content. The FQA unit can be added to Brabender peripheral equipment:

  • Univex flat film take-off unit
  • Blown film take-off unit
  • Brabender Auto Grade

Detected and classified are defects such as:

  • Black Specks
  • Gels
  • Holes
  • Extrusion lines

From the detected number of defects and their size distribution, a film quality index (FQI) is continuously determined. The handling of the FQA is also integrated into the Brabender MetaBridge software, so that FQA and process data can be viewed and evaluated in connection with each other.

Key Features:

  • Precision: Identification of different inhomogienety types
  • Efficient: Automatic evaluation and classification
  • Continuous: Quality inspection in the running process
  • Flexible: Suitable for laboratory systems and use in production


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