A rapid method for measuring gluten quality, providing a rheological fingerprint of the flour sample tested.

Rapid Flour Check
• Fast determination of wet gluten, protein content, water absorption and w-value with one test
• Test time less than 5 min
• Sample weight 9 g

Rapid Gluten Check
• Quick quality check of dry vital gluten
• Sample size: 2,10 g vital gluten, 4,41 g solvent)
• Test time max. 13 min


Energy generated by a rotating measuring paddle enters a suspension, and the torque is measured. The entry of the energy causes the gluten in the sample to aggregate. During the measurement procedure, the sample quantity, dissolver, temperature and the paddle’s rotational speed all remain constant. Once the test is complete, the software automatically analyses the results.

Why is this important?

• Gluten is responsible for the elasticity and extensibility characteristics of dough
• Stretching and elastic properties of gluten give information about flour quality and the suitability for
a given purpose
• Recognition of drying and heat damage on flour and dry gluten

Suitable for the following applications:

Cereals, Flour, Gluten, Pasta Products

Which tests can be conducted with the solution? 

  • Viscoelastic properties
  • Dough development time
  • Dough softening
  • Protein content
  • Gluten content
  • Gluten strength



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