Twin Screw Extruder- TwinLab-C 20/40

TwinLab-C 20/40 is a stand-alone twin screw extruder. The drive contains an integrated motor.
Due to extensive configuration possibilities, the solution can be used for a wide variety of materials. The directly driven extruder is designed for use in material development, –testing and smallest production.

Key Features:

  • NEW – Enhanced options: Use of a replaceable L-liner & compact liner possible
  • Space-saving & cost-efficient: Compact solution with a wide range of applications
  • Improves your analysis conditions: Process monitoring via horizontally split liner, 6 openings for raw material addition
  • Modern project workflow: Location-independent live monitoring, multiple access, networking of multiple devices possible
  • User-friendly: Touchscreen operation, annotation function in diagram, diagram parameters can be individually set
  • Easy to clean: Horizontally folding liner, optimized screw configuration for easy removal
  • Individualizable: Configuration adjustable to your individual needs

What does this device measure?

  • Speed, torque and temperature
  • Properties and melt behaviour
  • Fusion behaviour
  • Heat and shear stability
  • Plasticizer absorption of PVC-dry blends
  • and much more

Why is this important? 

The viscosity determines the product consistency and influences the processing properties. Among other things, the gelatinization properties and enzyme activity (alpha-amylase) in flour determines the baking properties:

High enzyme activity, triggered by premature sprouting in wheat or rye, leads to the sticky dough which causes problems during processing.

For which applications is the analysis device suitable?

  • Polymers
  • Ceramic materials
  • (Full) doughs and whipped masses



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