Food Extrusion Equipment- TwinLab-F 20/40

A standalone solution for food extrusion at lab scale. Texturise proteins, cereals, snacks and more

The TwinLab-F 20/40 scores highly due to it being a compact extrusion solution with integrated drive.  This space-saving and economical solution texturise the widest range of different materials. Develop new formulas and standards or simulate processes exactly to scale.

With a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm, this extruder offers the user greater flexibility when it comes to energy input and throughput. What’s more, the cylinder is split horizontally and is hinged at both sides, which makes the segmented screws easily accessible.

Examples for product development/optimisation

  • Protein extrusion
    • Dry extrusion
    • Wet extrusion
  • Ingredients
    • Modified flours (e.g. pre-gelatinised flours)
    • Modified starch
  • Cereals
    • Chocolate crispies, loops
    • General breakfast cereals
  • Snacks
    • Peanut flips
    • Prawn crackers, flatbread
    • Ready to eat
  • Pasta extrusion
    • Short pasta
    • Long pasta
  • Rice extrusion
    • Rice break down to the grain
  • Animal food
    • Pet food
    • Fish food

In which industries the solution can be employed?

  • Pasta industry
  • Confectionary / snacks industry
  • Meet industry
  • Animal feed industry


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Multipurpose twin-screw extruder for the food and feed lab. Vary easily your application ideas in terms of functionality, texture or shape.

How to prepare a test?