The Viscograph-E provides you with a complete picture of the gelatinisation behaviour of starches and all types of modified starches.

Key Features:

• Automatic test procedure
• Storage of any number of temperature programs
• Heating/cooling rates of 0.5…3 °C/min (in certain sections of the temperature cycle up to 5 °C/min)
• Electronic speed control from 0–200 rpm
• Low-deflection torque measurement
• Free selectable measuring ranges
• Automatic adaptation of the diagram scaling to the viscosity measured
• Comfortable measuring and evaluation software under Windows
• Analysis in BU, mPas or cmg


The sample is heated up within a rotating stainless steel bowl and cooled down again, both under controlled conditions. Together with the comfortable Windows software, the integrated, self-optimizing temperature controller allows programming and storage of any temperature profiles with heating/ cooling rates of 0.5…3 °C/min. A measuring sensor reaching into the sample is deflected according to the viscosity of the sample in the bowl. This deflection is measured as torque.

Suitable for the following applications:

Flour, Starch, Rice, Corn, Potato

Which tests can be conducted with the solution? 

  • Viscoelastic properties
  • Enzyme activity
  • Sprouting
  • Starch quality
  • Starch properties
  • Baking behaviour


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