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Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)

TGA/STA-QMS 403 D Aëolos®


Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Coupling


It is a new compact mass spectrometer with a heated capillary inlet system for routine analysis of gases and, in particular, volatile decomposition products of thermal analysis. This system has been optimized for coupling to differential scanning calorimeters, dilatometers and thermogravimetric analyzers by:


  • Increasing the temperature of the entire gas transfer system to 300°C

  • An improved single-stage inlet system with a low-reaction fused silica capillary

  • Integration of the mass spectrometer software and data exchange for user-friendly operation from the Proteus®thermal analysis software.


QMS Features:

  • Analog scan, scan rates > 0.2 s/u (*)

  • Scan Bargraph, scan Rates > 200 ms/u (*)

  • Multi Ion Detection (MID) up to 64 selectable mass numbers, scan rates > 10 ms/u (*)

  • Characteristic temperatures (Onset, Peak and End)

  • Peak areas for quantitative evaluation and calibration

  • Spectra subtraction


Technical Specification:


Mass range: 1 u to 300 u(*)


Ion source:  electron impact, energy 100 eV


Detector: Faraday and SEV (Channeltron)


Vacuum system: turbomolecular pumps and diaphragm pumps (oil-free vacuum)


Quartz-glass capillary: 75 µm diameter, in metal tube, with supply coil, easily exchangeable





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