Rheology Testing

NETZSCH manufactures an array of rheometers for Research, Product Development, and Quality Control. A rheometer is a device used to measure the rheological properties of materials which describes the interrelation between force, deformation and time.

Besides, we represent JSR Corporation to supply CURELASTOMETER® (reg. TM of JSR Corporation) & Moving Die Rheometer (MDR). CURELASTOMETER® became the world’s first curemeter to feature a rotorless design, now is the most popular form of curemeters used by the industry. There are two models available: Type R for rubber and Type P for resin. Curemeter Type R conforms with JISK6300-2 and ISO6502.

CURELASTOMETER® enables any operator to safely and easily acquire comprehensive data on curing/hardening rate and other behavioral properties to the processing of rubber and thermosetting resin, all in one shot with just a small sample. It is mainly used as a testing instrument in R&D, processability testing, and production line quality control.

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