Lauda Scientific offers proven solutions for measuring surface tension, interfacial tension, and viscosity in research and quality control. Lauda Scientific tensiometer covers a wide range of applications and fulfills numerous standards in various industries. There are different types of tensiometers with different measuring methods:

Wilhelmy plate method :
Typical Applications – Static Surface Tension
Typical Samples – All kinds of liquids, Cleaning agents, Surfactant solutions

Du-Nouy ring method :
Typical Applications – Static Surface & Interfacial Tension, Determination for CMC
Typical Samples – Transformer oils, Cleaning agents, Surfactant solutions

Drop Volume method :
Typical Applications – Surface and Interfacial Tension & Dynamic interfacial tension
Typical Samples – Emulsions for cosmetics, oils & viscous sample and solution containing surfactant

Bubble Pressure method :
Typical Applications – Dynamic surface tension & Systems containing surfactants
Typical Samples – Concentrated Surfactant solutions & Dynamic surfactants

The tensiometers of the TD Series measure surface and interfacial tension using the Du-Nouy ring and Wilhelmy plate methods and in accordance with international standards. Their precise force-measuring cells make these tensiometers a perfect match for research, teaching, and quality control.

The drop volume tensiometer facilitates the measurement of surface and interfacial tension of liquids and is optimized for the precise determination of dynamic interfacial tension of surfactants and emulsions.

The bubble pressure tensiometer provides reproducible and precise data in a wide surface age range without having to go through a PC. As a stand-alone device it is easy to use and provides all required information about dynamic behaviour of surfactants.

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