Fire Testing System for Cables (KBT 916)

Fire Testing System for measuring the heat release and smoke production during flame spread tests on vertically mounted bunched cables and insulated wires, in accordance with EN 50399 and IEC 60332-3-10 (testing device)

Cables and lines are essential for our day-to-day use of electricity and energy. To achieve maximum safety and the best possible fire protection, it is important to have precise knowledge about their fire behavior. The KBT 916 fire testing device determines the heat release and smoke production and helps classify cables into the correct fire class according to the Construction Products Regulation.

For testing, the cable is mounted into a fixture in the test chamber and exposed to a flame for a burning time of 20 minutes. During this time, flame spread and burning droplets are observed. The flue gases emitted during combustion are transferred into an exhaust air duct and into the measuring section for examination.

The KBT 916 features innovative control and data acquisition. The Windows-based KBT software allows for intuitive user guidance and is easy to operate via the integrated high-resolution touch panel. There is no longer any need for common operating elements such as switches or buttons. Evaluation, logging of the test and storage of the measurement is handled entirely via the control unit.

Features at a glance: 

  • KBT test chamber with sample holder, hood, collector, measuring tube, gas installation, burner, air supply and sensors
  • Double-walled test chamber, stainless steel with mineral wool insulation, opening for air supply at the bottom, opening for smoke extraction, rail guides on the back wall for easy mounting of sample holders, electric winch assembly, stainless steel door with fire-resistant glazing
  • Cable winch with electric drive, ramp and option for easier transport of the sample holder
  • Exhaust gas fan with flow control for constant exhaust gas flow
  • Measuring duct section with the bidirectional probe, NiCrNi thermocouples, light measurement system and gas sampling probe
  • Ribbon propane burner with venturi mixer, piezoelectric igniter, flame detector, folding mechanism and stainless steel protective cover
  • Supply air process fan with frequency converter and digital control module

Information Obtained by KBT: 

∙ Heat Release Rate (HRR)
∙ Total Heat Release (THR)
∙ Flame Spread (FS)
∙ Flame Propagation Rate
∙ Fire Growth Rate Index (FIGRA)
∙ Smoke Production Rate (SPR)
∙ Total Smoke Production (TSP)
∙ Smoke Density
∙ Droplet Count
∙ Gas Analysis of O2, CO2

Technical Specifications

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.