Moving Die Rheometer (MDR-Jplus+)

Biconical type rotor-less curemeter 

Moving Die Rheometer  MDR-Jplus+ is a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-operate rotor-less curemeter perfect for routine and standards-driven testing of rubber curing. It has been developed to meet the needs of a modern testing Laboratory to provide fast and accurate data making it ideally suited to the production and development of elastometric compounds.

MDR-Jplus+ employs sealed biconical dies meeting all relevant international standards: ISO 6502, JIS K6300, ASTM D 5289 , DIN 53529.

Key Features:

  • Pneumatic locking cylinder for repeatable sample sealing.
  • The lower die oscillates at 1.67 Hz at an amplitude of 0.5 degrees while the upper die remains fixed and accurately measures the reaction torque.
  • The rotor-less biconical die assembly with an internal cavity capacity of only 2.8 cm3 applies quick and accurate temperature
    control to provide precise repeatable data in a wide range of testing environments.
  • The dynamic calibration is semi-automatic calibration using the torque standard unit and following the CAL program steps.
  • The dynamic CAL method is conducted under the same oscillation frequency and amplitude as the sample measurement.
  • Robust, field proven torque transducer for high stability and reliable torque measurements.
  • Easy to maintain: The electrical and air valve control is a built-in system. The built-in system offers ease of maintenance
    for MDR-Jplus+ in the field.


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