Surface Analyzer Systems / Contact Angle Analyzer

The accuracy of contact angle and surface tension measurement based on optical systems is depending to a large extent on the software algorithms. There are also special methods for every small contact angle and for automatic baseline determination even for difficult surfaces. Various data export formats, focus assistant, evaluation modules for surface energy and control options for sample axes and rotating tables as well as various dosing systems support you and your application.

LAUDA Scientific contact angle instruments help you to cover a wide range of applications:

i. Wettability and liquid-solid interactions – Determine the surface energy and its polar and disperse properties of your surfaces via contact angle measurements and use it for predictions of surface-liquid interactions.

ii. Cleaning & Coating – Advancing and receding contact angles and their hysteresis characterize the complete wetting and dewetting for cleaning and coating processes.

iii. Self-cleaning and spraying – To optimize spraying and wetting
processes you can simulate the wetting and de-wetting processes with uniques accessories to test it with different forces.

iv. Work of adhesion – For coatings, printing, painting, etc, the strength of wetting and adhesion to the surface is decisive for processing and a successful application.

v. Printing and absorption – With high-speed cameras, you can determine how quickly printer inks are absorbed by micro-porous photo papers and optimize contour sharpness and inter- color bleeding.

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