Lauda Scientific offers an extensive viscometry portfolio. From crude oil to polymers and plastics: Our customized configurations are optimized for all relevant applications and according to the respective norms.

i. Applications for the polymer industry:
Technical polymers
– Viscosity number of polyamides (PA) and polybutylene terephthalates (PBT)
– DIN EN ISO 307 , DIN EN 1628-5

Transparent polymers
-Viscosity number and IV value of polyesters (PC, PMMA, PET)
-DIN EN 1628-4, DIN EN 1628-5, DIN EN 1628-6

-Molar mass and IV value of polypropylene and polyethylene
-DIN EN 1628-3

Polyvinyl chlorides
– IV value determination according to Fikentscher
– DIN EN 1628-2, DIN EN 922

Medical polymers
– Molar mass and IV value of hyaluronic acid products and absorbable polymers compliant with pharmaceutical standards
-European Pharmacopeia DIN EN ISO 1628-1

Cellulose and papers
– Degree of polymerization of insulating paper using solution viscosity
-IEC 60450, DIN 54270-1/-2/-3

ii. Oil, lubricants, and other applications:
Lubricants and fuels
– Viscosity index and kinematic viscosity of motor oils SAE/ISO at application temperatures (ISO 2909, ASTM D 2270)
– Low temperature characteristics (paraffin formation) of motor oils, diesel, and kerosine (ASTM D 2532, ASTM D 445)

Insulating oils
-Kinematic viscosity of transformer oils
-DIN 51562, ASTM D 445

Oil transport
– Pumpability of crude oils
-ASTM D 445

Wax, resins, silicones, and polyols
-Absolute kinematic and dynamic viscosity of highly viscous liquids and their temperature dependence
-ASTM D 445, DIN 51562

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