iVisc – Automatic Viscometer

Simple, automatic viscosity determination with the compact iVisc. It is ideal for switching to personal-independent, GLP-compliant measurement. Simply connect the USB cable, insert a capillary, start the software and your capillary is ready for operation. 

  • Compatible with all common capillaries (Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske, Micro-Ubbelohde & many more)
  • Precise and reliable optical meniscus detection
  • Intuitive software or start/stop button
  • “Plug & Play” device installation
  • Connect up to two  iVisc per computer
  • Computer control and power supplied via USB
  • Measuring temperature from -20 to 150°C

Application examples:

• Determining viscosity numbers for quality assurance in the plastics industry
• Absolute viscosities in the petroleum industry for motor oil, lubricant, fuel, kerosene, additives, etc.
• Determining chain length of pharmaceutical and biological macro-molecules