Visco- Fix System

With the Visco Fix System, there is no more glass breakage in the thermostat or during manual handling.  Available for Ubbelohde, Automatic-Cleaning Ubbelohde, Micro-Ubbelohde and automatic dilution Ubbelohde

Key features:


  • Even in the hectic daily laboratory routine – our capillary viscometers with Visco.Fix disk are effectively protected
  • Significantly longer lifetime due to made-to-last design
  • Higher precision due to longer use of same capillary viscometer
  • Always the right viscometer at hand with the Visco.Fix carousel


  • Easy cleaning with individual beakers
  • Clean and safe draining and drying
  • No more dust inside the viscometer


  • Robust in handling and transport
  • Convenient storage in the newly developed packaging