Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Laser diffraction is about the relationship between particle size and the angle and intensity of scattered light. Light scatters more intensely and at smaller angles off of large particles than small particles. Every analyzer, from the very first commercial prototype to the state-of-the-art LA-960 utilizes this principle. In fact, the analyzer itself does not measure particle size — it measures the angle and intensity of light scattered from the particles in your sample. That information is then passed to an algorithm designed to use Mie Scattering Theory which transforms the scattered light data into particle size information.

The LA-960 particle size analyzer represents the tenth generation laser diffraction instrument designed by HORIBA. Hundreds of refinements to the basic design have been included to improve performance and usability. These refinements include:
-Maintenance-free, dust-free sealed optical bench
-Maximum stability and alignment with post-less, cast aluminum mountings
-Tilted measurement cell to reduce stray light noise
-Ultra long-life solid-state light sources and detectors

Acquiring the best possible scattered light data is the basis of any reliable size measurement. The “raw” scattered light data is then passed to the calculation algorithm where it will be transformed into a particle size distribution.

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