Mercury Analyzers

Mercury can be found throughout the environment at trace and ultra-trace levels. Mercury is extremely toxic and damaging to human health. The two corner stones of P S Analytical’s product range for mercury determination are the Millennium Merlin and the Sir Galahad . The Sir Galahad is typically used for gaseous applications such as stack gas, natural gas and air, whilst the Millennium Merlin is used for liquid and soild samples.

There are 3 main versions of the Millennium Merlin. The Millennium Merlin is the most commonly sold system, it has a sub ppt detection limit and utilizes atomic fluorescence as a detection technique. The Millennium Merlin is linear to 10ppm. Typical applications include environmental samples such as groundwater, drinking water, food stuffs (e.g. milk, fish & tea), soils & sludges, biological samples (e.g. urine, blood and hair), industrial samples such as effluent, aluminium, zinc electrolytes, paper, incineration ash, sodium hypocholite, caustic soda, fly ash, sulfur, brine and petrochemical chemical samples including; naphthas, crude oil, condensates, formation waters and other petrochemcial products.

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