Millennium Merlin Mercury Analyzer

It is designed specifically for the analysis of mercury in all types of samples. The analyser combines the advantages of vapour generation techniques which removes most chemical interferences with the sensitivity and selectivity of atomic fluorescence spectrometry which allows mercury analysis down to sub ppt detection limits with 107x linearity.


  • Environmental samples (e.g. mercury in groundwater, seawater, well water, bottled water and drinking water)
  • Foods (e.g. mercury in fish, rice, vegetables, tea & milk)
  • Biological samples (e.g. mercury in urine, blood and hair)
  • Industrial samples (e.g. mercury in effluents, aluminium, zinc electrolytes, paper, incineration ash, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda, fly ash, sulphur, and brines)

Three versions of the instrument are available:

a) The standard PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin with atomic fluorescence detection as described above.

b) The PSA 10.035 Millennium Merlin 1631 – which is designed to be fully compliant with the following methods: EPA 1631, EPA 245.7, EPA 7474 and BS ISO 17852 (formerly EN13506) offering excellent results, sensitivity and reproducibility.

c) A modified unit, the PSA 10.045 Millennium Merlin Cold Vapour – system designed specifically for Cold Vapour AAS technology and compliant to the following methods: EPA 245.1, EPA 245.2, EPA 7470 and EPA 7471with atomic absorption detection for people using these older standard methods.