TLC Spray Cabinet 2

The TLC Spray Cabinet ensures the complete removal of reagent mist while manually spraying onto TLC plates with the CAMAG® Glass Reagent Sprayer or the CAMAG® TLC Sprayer.

There is no deflection of the spray mist before it reaches the plate, an effect often encountered in a normal laboratory fume hood. Particles rebounding from the plate are completely removed. The TLC Spray Cabinet is also useful for drying plates after development, with or without the assistance of a hairdryer.

The cabinet is made of PVC. The blower, a radial fan driven by a motor outside of the fume duct, produces an airflow of 130 cubic feet (3.7 cubic meter) per minute. The bottom of the TLC Spray Cabinet has a built in tray, which is removable for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

  • TLC Spray Cabinet 2 for removal of reagent mist with the integrated fan
  • Connected to a fume hood
  • Protects user and laboratory environment from reagent mist
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