Food Quality Testing

Nexus Analytics is a leading supplier of laboratory and testing instruments for reliable quality control of grain, flour, and starch in Malaysia. This covers a wide range of all types of grain or starch sources like wheat, rye, corn, potatoes, rice, millet, cassava, and tapioca.

The main field of application of BRABENDER® food instruments is the milling and baking industries where these instruments are used for testing the quality and properties of grain, flour, and dough in order to ensure the good and constant quality of products like bread, biscuits, pastries, or noodles.

The second large field is the starch industry including companies dealing with products containing starch. Apart from such test instruments, BRABENDER® also supplies laboratory extruders, e.g. for developing new recipes and for small-scale production in research laboratories. All test instruments have been revised completely to appear now with an updated measuring system and a new design. The instruments are supplied with a user-friendly software package in the standard version for automatic test evaluation in compliance with international standards.

This revision of the well-known food instruments started with the Farinograph®-E and was continued for the Extensograph, Amylograph, Viscograph, and Glutograph.

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