The «classical» way to develop a TLC/ HPTLC plate is to place it in a chamber, which contains a sufficient amount of developing solvent. Driven by capillary forces the developing solvent moves up the layer until the desired developing distance is reached and development is stopped. With the aid of a watch the analyst estimates when the development process is about to finish.

But this may happen: Focusing on other work while the TLC/HPTLC development is in progress, the analyst forgets to look at the watch. As a result development is stopped too late; the mobile phase moved up too far, the analysis is ruined and needs to be repeated.

With smartALERT the analyst does not ‘forget’ the TLC/HPTLC plate in the developing chamber anymore:

  1. The desired migration distance is set by the user
  2. A light beam and a sensor monitors the selected distance
  3. As soon as the front has reached the set position, visual and acoustic signals alert the operator

Key Features:

  • Enables that the chromatography is stopped at the set migration distance
  • Gives acoustic and visual notice when the development is finished
  • Easy to operate with just one button
  • Compatible with glass chambers and glass plates at the formats 20 x 20 cm, 20 x 10 cm, 10 x 10 cm
  • Four different alarm sounds can be selected
  • Runs on batteries