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Watch the Netzsch webcasts, which:
  • Provide an understanding about what Thermal Analysis can do for you.

  • Show tips & tricks on working with Thermal Analysis equipment.

We offer webcasts related to methods and also for diverse applications.

Our method related webcasts include:

  • DSC/DTA                

  • DIL


  • EGA

  • LFA

  • HFM

  • SBA and Software

  • DEA

  • DMA

  • TMA


Netzsch Customer Magazine

Articles on new instruments, new application, tips & tricks & etc

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FTIR Spectroscopy Academy 

Find helpful tutorials, fundamental diagrams, instrument guides, application notes and more resources to feed your curiosity.

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FTIR Webinars

Join us for our one-hour-or-less  recorded webinars on a variety of FTIR related topics. FTIR spectroscopy offers a vast array of analytical opportunities in academic, analytical, QA/QC and forensic labs.

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Raman Webinars

Join us for ongoing series of complimentary half-hour to one-hour webinars that reveal how the Thermo Scientific™ Raman instrumentation can improve your work. A versatile vibrational technique, Raman spectroscopy excels at identifying both organic and inorganic compounds in solids and liquids.

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Particle Characterization Webinars

Spanning topics from introductory discussions to advanced applications and industry groups, the HORIBA particles webinar series is a great source of information on the world of particles.


CAMAG Customer Magazine CBS

CAMAG has been publishing the customer magazine CBS since 1965. The CBS is issued two times per year and focuses on recent examples of HPTLC in practice.


It covers:

  • Typical examples from research and industry, mainly written from customers, are demonstrated in each issue

  • Articles come from a broad variety of application fields.

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