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Saving and Efficient use of energy


Never before has the topic of the saving and efficient use of energy attracted as much attention in economics and politics around the globe as it does today. Research and development efforts in industry and academia worldwide are addressing topics that contribute to saving energy or generating energy from alternative resources.

There is enormous potential, especially in the areas of insulation materials and the efficient thermal insulation of residential and commercial buildings. It is thus all the more important for insulating materials to be able to be manufactured with a high and steady level of quality and brought onto the market under strict control of their performance characteristics.

There are numerous standards and guidelines to which these products are subject in order to really guarantee these properties for the huge amounts of insulating materials being produced worldwide.




  • Thermal Conductivity Measurements

  • Traceable at any time and to 100%

  • High Throughput

  • Innovative Sample Thickness and Parallelism Measurement by two-axis inclinometer

  • Measurement of specific heat capacity based on ASTM C1784

  • Two Ways of Measurement

  • Based on Standards (ASTM C518, ISO 8301,DIN EN 12664, DIN EN 12667, JIS A1412)

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