nanoPartica SZ-100V2 Series -Nanoparticle Analyzer

Nanoparticle Analyzer

The SZ-100V2 Nanoparticle Analyzer is the industry’s widest range and highest precision measurement instrument for nanoparticle characterization. It determines three parameters that characterize nanoparticles: particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight.

Dynamic light scattering is used for particle size determination. The uniquely designed cells for zeta potential can measure samples with volumes as low as 100 μL.

Key Features:

  • Particle Size Measurement Range 0.3 nm to 10 µm: The SZ-100V2 Series measures particle size and particle distribution width by dynamic light scattering (DLS). Analysis across a wide range of sample concentrations: Measurement of samples ranging from low ppm-order concentrations to high-concentration samples in double-digit percentages is possible. Accepts commercially available sampling cells. Analysis of small-volume samples is also possible.
  • Zeta Potential Measurement – 500 to + 500 mV: Analysis of sample volumes as small as 100 μL using HORIBA-developed microelectrophoresis cells. Use the value of zeta potential to predict and control dispersion stability. High zeta potential magnitudes indicate a stable dispersion, useful for formulation work.
  • Molecular weight 1 × 103 to 2 × 107 Da: Absolute molecular weight (Mw) and the second virial coefficient (A2) are obtained by performing static light scattering measurement as a function of sample concentration and preparing Debye plots.


  • Functional Nanomaterials
  • CMP slurry
  • Gel Materials
  • Ink / Pigments
  • Plastics
  • Minerals
  • Metal powder
  • Emulsion
  • Battery
  • 3D printing
  • Paper Coating
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Food / Drink
  • Building materials

Technical Specifications

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.


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