Foundation to FTIR Microscopy & Sample Preparation Techniques

Session 4 FTIR Microscopy Flyer

About this webinar: 

FTIR microscopy combines the spatial resolution of a microscope with the analytical power of spectroscopy. This presentation will examine the foundations of microspectroscopy – sample preparation, data collection and analysis – featuring applications from different industries. With coverage of basic methods like compression cells, ATR, transmission and reflection, this webinar will be of interest to many analytical and quality control laboratories, including forensic, polymer and food packaging.'

Date & Time: 

13th April 2023 (10.30 a.m -11.30 a.m)

In this webinar, you will look at:

  • The basics principles of FTIR microspectroscopy
  • Explore the essential sample preparation techniques, data collection methods, and data analysis procedures in microspectroscopy.
  • Different types of basic techniques used in microspectroscopy, such as compression cells, ATR, transmission, and reflection.
  • Gain insights into the diverse applications of FTIR microscopy across industries such as forensic, polymer, and food packaging.
  • Q&A Session with the expert panel



  • Ms. Michelle Lee | Application Manager (Nexus Analytics Sdn Bhd)