Optimizing The Rheology of Pharmaceutical Formulations

Optimizing the rheology of pharmaceutical formulations

Date: 16th June 2021
Time: 03.00pm-04.00pm (Malaysia Time)


Webinar Overview:

Formulating pharmaceuticals often involves balancing almost contradictory requirements, eg. a cream should not be too low in viscosity, but still spread well; nasal sprays should atomize fully, but at the same time remain in situ after application; injectable drugs need to be low enough in viscosity to inject yet have sufficiently large dosing to be effective without being a large volume. This applies to both small molecule and large molecule formulations.

Rheometers can be of great help in determining the correct consistency (from testing an ideal or competitive sample) and also in optimizing a pharmaceutical formulation, by making up small batches and accurately characterizing the rheology and thus effect of each change.  Learn in this webinar with real-world examples – more about the design of such experiments and the conclusions that can be drawn from them.