Thermal Analysis For Material Characterisation

Date: 3-4th November 2020
Time: 10.00am – 11.30am (Malaysia Time)

The presentation will focus on DSC & TGA techniques for the characterisation of materials, including polymers, thermosets, composites and elastomers. The importance of thermal history, crystallisation, degree of cure, oxidative stability and how they affect important properties, such as the glass transition, crystallinity and integrity of the products, will be discussed. Whereas, for TGA, the effects of atmosphere, including vacuum for thermal stability and optimum separation of components, will be discussed.

  • The working principles of both techniques
  • A great number of application examples with thermal curves interpretation
  • DSC sample preparation tips & tricks
  • Recent advances in software capabilities for automatic evaluation and identification for materials based on DSC & TGA data
  • 15 mins Live Q&A session