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The Viscograph-E provides you with a complete picture of the gelatinisation behaviour of starches and all types of modified starches.

Thanks to the automatic programme sequence and comprehensive configuration options, your tests are carried out easily and conveniently.

You can create as many individual temperature, time and speed programmes, as well as analysis profiles, as you like.


The measuring probe is placed directly in the sample, which guarantees the highest degree of measurement accuracy and reproducibility of the analyses carried out.



  • Convenient measurement and analysis software

  • Programmable speed profiles

  • Reliable, reproducible measurement results

  • Save any number of temperature programmes

  • Heating and cooling rates from 0.5–3°C per min

  • Electronic speed control from 0–300 rpm

  • Anaysis in BU, mPar or cmg


Why is this important?

- Get information about starch gelatinization and retrogradation, temperature

   resistance of gelatinizing / gelling roducts / final products

- Check different starch and flour characteristics for further processing in different

   industries and for specific applications

What are the benefits?

-  Practice-oriented, international standard procedure for starch testing

-  Maintain and monitor a constant quality – reduce waste

-  Customise the protocol to specific requirements / variable test-conditions matching

    your technical requirements

-  Easy/automatic chart interpretation /evaluation


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