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Mercury(Hg), arsenic(As), antimony (Sb) and selenium(Se) are considered environmental priority pollutants and the determination of these metals in wastewater from industrial sources is a challenging application.

In recent years, wastewater treatment plants have been installing technologies to capture and remove metals. The efficiency of this treatment processes needs to be monitored using accurate analytical systems.

Many industrial processes require wastewater monitoring for these elements, including thermal coal power generation (FGD wastewater), oil and gas refineries (produced/desalter water), smelting plants, semiconductor fabrication, incineration wastewater and chor-alkali plants. The targeted sample matrices are often quite difficult to manage, so any online approach must be capable of handling a variety of complex wastewaters.

Benefits of Online Waste Water Analysers

It’s widely accepted that online wastewater analysers offer some major operational and cost benefits compared to traditional laboratory approaches, including;

  • Improved efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of the data
  • No gaps in the data set (24/7 capability)
  • Realtime results (with alarm feedback)
  • Lower operating costs and labour savings through automation
  • Improved worker safety

PS Analytical offers 2 fully automated online wastewater analysers

1. PSA 10.226 Online Mercury System

a. 10.226A (amalgamation option)
b. 10.226V (direct cold vapour option)

The PSA 10.226 Online Mercury Analyser builds on our class leading ultra-sensitive atomic fluorescence technology. The system developed utilises syringe-based technology over the standard peristaltic pumps commonly used for sample analysis, reducing reagent consumption and allowing for on board sample preparation. This reduces the running cost of the instrument as well as the amount of waste the instrument produces.

2. PSA 10.256 Online Excalibur System for As, Se, Sb, Te and Bi

The PSA 10.256 system is based on hydride generation – atomic fluorescence spectroscopy providing high sensitivities into the ppt levels (ng/L) and great linear ranges. Boosted discharge hollow cathode lamps are used to excite the element of interest at a characteristic wavelength offering great selectivity. The lamps can be swapped allowing for one instrument to analyse multiple different elements.

Both of PSA’s systems have some standard features such as a touch screen PC, multiple sample streams including grab samples, self-cleaning sample filtration, very low reagent and utility consumption, online digestion and sample preparation and customisable alarm output options.

Atomic fluorescence spectroscopy is simple to operate, inexpensive to run and enables ultra-trace limits of detection, wide analytical linear ranges and no chemical interference.

Detection and Analytical Performance

Both online systems have integrated AFS detectors. Coupling with either cold vapour generation or hydride generation has been PSA’s core competency for over 35 years.

The PSA 10.226 Online Mercury System also has the option to include a gold amalgamation trap for ultimate sensitivity.

AFS offers several analytical performance benefits;

  •  Ultra-trace limits of detection
  • Wide analytical linear working ranges
  • Lack of chemical interferences
  • Inexpensive running costs
  • Ease of use

Performance Data

Online WasteWater Analyzer
Online WasteWater Analyzer 8.jpg

Examples from our applications library

Online WasteWater Analyzer 9.jpg

To compliment the online analysers, PS Analytical offer a range of AFS laboratory-based systems. With the addition of analyte separation capabilities (which is becoming more routine) allows for speciation studies.

This article is contributed by P S Anlaytical.

Nexus Analytics is appointed as an exclusive distributor by P S Anaytical in Malaysia and Singapore. We have vast experience in wastewater analysis and offers powerful analytical tools to help contract laboratories, research teams and regulators alike with these determinations.

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