Food Quality Control

Brabender GmbH & Co. KG is the leading supplier for food & animal feed quality testing instruments. Brabender offers a wide range of modular and compact solutions for rheology and laboratory-scale extrusion. One of the company’s core markets within the food industry is the milling and bakery industry. Here it is known for its three-phase system, consisting of the three globally established instruments for measuring the product quality of flour and dough – Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph. For the rapid determination of gluten quality, the Glutopeak is available.

For measuring the viscoelastic properties of starch and starch-containing products, Brabender offers a range of different viscometers. The ViscoQuick , the youngest and fastest member of the viscometer family, measures the gelatinization properties of starch-based raw materials as well as the viscosity of a variety of viscous and pasty masses such as pudding or chocolate. Besides its solutions for measuring rheological properties, Brabender offers various compact and modular solutions for laboratory-scale extrusion. With Brabender’s Single screw extruders and Twin-screw extruders , trials for product and recipe development of pasta, snack food, pet food and fish feed can be carried out under realistic process conditions. For the development of meat substitute products with different recipes, Brabender offers solutions for texturizing vegetable proteins by means of extrusion.

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